Bee Removal in Valley Center, CA

Looking for bee removal service in Valley Center, CA?

All Bee Management can help you remove bees and their hives from wherever they may have infested. We have been doing bee removal in the Valley Center area for 15 years and take pride in being the best at what we do!

  • Swarm Removals Removals from bushes, tress, walls, overhangs and more. Bee’s may leave within 2-4 days but unforgettably they could move inside a cavity of your home,
  • Cavity Removals We remove honey bee’s, Carpenter bees and wasp from all types of cavities such as tree knots, block walls, Jacuzzi, hot tubs and underneath trailers.
  • Structural Removals Most structural removals are in attics (roof removal) interior ceiling, interior walls, exterior stucco walls, or boxed eaves. All these removals may and do require repairs.
  • General Repairs All Bee Management has over 30 years construction repair experience. Each technician is specially trained for these types of removals or have at least 5 years back round construction trade experience.
  • Insurance All Bee Management is fully insured.
  • Warranty All general repairs are completely guaranteed for 15 months. Structural repairs such as roofs and siding (but not limited to) are guaranteed not to leak, and is warranted for 5 years.


Strong Referrals-Fully Insured

Bee Proofing-Maintenance



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